Botanic Tea Garden

Come and see a great diversity of plants from all over the world while enjoying a cup of tea in contact with nature…Sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch… Your senses await you at Jardín de los Sentidos.

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Time-48x48Open hours in Summer: We are OPEN from 1st of May to 31st of October. Tuesday to Sunday from 16hs to 22 hs.

Open hours in Winter: We are OPEN from 1st of November to 30st of April. Friday to Sunday from 11hs to 20hs.

We are closed from 15 of December to 31 of January.
To maintain a quiet space, admission is exclusively for adults over 15 years old. Thank you for your understanding.

Jardín de los Sentidos was born from the idea of creating a special and different place in contact with nature. Located in Altea, in the provence of Alicante,  Costa Blanca. The garden’s more than 3.000 m2 create a microclimate with plants from all of the world. A place to disconnect from the accelerated world that surrounds us and to relax in a tropical nature created and looked after with detail and care.

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“The most popular teahouse from the province, where tasting an excellent black, green or white tea accompanied by home made cake is nearly religion.”
Lanetro, leisure guide.

Thanks to its location and the river that runs through the garden, Jardín de los Sentidos is a fantastic microclimate of exotic nature, where senses awaken and nature envolves you. Bridges of bamboo, tropical plants, coloured fish… will make you feel you are at a singular place.

“A real tropical paradise that allows us to enjoy nature in a different way. Like being in the Amazonian jungle.” Plantas y Hogar Magazine.

The Botanic Garden

The garden is ideal for relaxing, reading, enjoying a cup of tea, the sun or the mediterranean breeze. Some of our visitors say to feel being in paradise for the first time.
“Paradise at the N332. Oasis of peace. A place for the senses.” Periódico CBN

3000 m2 of nature and plants from all over the world. Jardín de los Sentidos has more than 400 species of different plants… An explosion of nature for your senses…


Our plants

Some of the 400 species that can be found in Jardín de los Sentidos.

Erythrina caffra
Exotic tree from South East Africa, cultivated in India and the official tree of Los Angeles and California in the US. Also known as the “Coral Tree”, its flowers are scarlet red and spectacular orange. Its trunk surprises by its great spines.

Odontonema strictum
From the Acanthaceae family, original from Central America. This plants grows up to 2 meters high and has shiny leaves with beautiful red flowers.

Dizygoteca elegantísima
From the family of the Araliaceae Nueva Caledonia, Oceania. Characterized by its curved leaves in different black and green tones.

Schefflera tupidanthus
From the family of the Araliaceae, South America. Big leaves and peculiar flowers and seeds.

Durante repens
From the family of the Verbenaceae, Brasil. Big shrub with abundant blue and white flowers.

Datura Brugmansia Versicolor (trompetas de Ángeles)
From the family of the Solanaceae, Asia and South America. Characterized by its abundant flowers of 30cm long in the form of trumpets. Exquisite smell.

Chorisia speciosa
From the family of the Bombacaceae, South America. Known as “Palo borracho”, its trunk has the form of a bottle and is covered in great spines. Its flowers are similar to lilies.

Araucaria araucana
From the family of the Araucariaceae, these plants can be found in the mountain range of Chile and Argentina.

Dracaena draco
From the family of the Agavaceae, the Canary Islands. This bush is famous because it is used to colour the famous Stradivarius violins. It can live for hundreds of years.

Agave victoria regineae
From the family of the Agavaceae, Mexico. Beautiful plant named after the queen of England.

Agave ferox
From the family of the Agavaceae, Mexico. Its leaves are over a meter long and only flowers once.

Yucca rostrata 
From the family of the Agavaceae, Mexico. Protected species that is characterized by its very fine blue and gray leaves.

Cycas revoluta
From the family of the Cycaceae, Asia.

Cycas cirencinalis 
From the family of the Cycaceae, Asia

Zamia furfuracea 
From the family of the Zamiaceae, South and Central America.

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii
From the family of the Bombacaceae, original from Australia. Its leaves are very fine and they fall like a water fountain.

Clerodendron speciosum
From the family of the Verbenaceae, original from Africa. This tropical climbing plant seems to have red butterflies posing on its bright green leaves.

Clerodendron ugandesa
Its flowers seem like lilac butterflies.

Muehlenbeckia Complexa
From the family Polygonaceae, original from Australia. Climbing plant with very small leaves.

Monstera deliciosa
From the family of the Araceae, this climbing plant can be found from the South of Mexico till Panama. Its leaves full of holes, cover the jungle.

Phyllodendron selloum
From the family of the Aracea. Its old roots hang like vines.

Dicksonia antarctica
From the family of the Dicksoniaceae, they grow up to 15 meters.

Pandanus utilis
From the family of the Pandanaceae, original from Madagascar, Africa. This tree grows in the form of a spiral. Its flowers and seeds look like a pineapple.

Araucaria heterophylla
From the family of the Coniferous.

Aristolochia gigantea
From the family of the Elaeocarpaceae, original from Brazil. It has big purple flowers in the form of a heart. Its seeds hang like open umbrellas.

Petrea floribunda
Climbing plant with flowers in different tones of purple.

Stephanotis floribunda
From the family of the Asclepiadacea, original from Madagascar.

Strelitzia nicolai
From the family of the Strelitziaceae, South Africa. This plant can grow over 10 meters high. It’s flowers seem like white and blue birds.

These plants and many more coming from the Canary Islands. Africa, Asia, USA, Europe….